Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wild Sage

Being a hunter-gatherer by nature (well ok, maybe just a gatherer, if I can find me a good hunter than I'd be in business) I stumbled upon a stand of wild white sage. I picked a few stems and brought them home to dry. Wild Sage is edible, and makes a nice incense. The plant can be identified by it's distinctive smell and silvery white leaves. Just don't pick more than you will use. I recommend picking just one stem per plant, as the wild population has been depleted by greedy smudge stick makers, no joke.

Ants on a Log

On my way out the door, visiting friends,
I am informed that our shindig destination is a potluck.
I stare blankly into the frig...
what can I possibly make in a mater of minutes
that will appeal to the persnickety diets of Echo Park hipsters?
From the dark depths of memory, and the meager contents of the fridge,
I have an epiphany...Ants on a Log!
It's fast, vegetarian friendly and sure to get a laugh.
Conjuring up visions of summer vacation and scout camp, what's not to love?

Its so easy to make...

Cut celery evenly
cover in peanut butter
sprinkle with raisins,
and my own addition(which makes it extra yummy and desertish)
melt some creamed honey and drizzle on top!

The pour little logs were munched up in a mater of minuets,over giggle and memories.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clean Start

It's truly the little things in life that fill me with joy and a seance of place. My new home is coming together and I'm finding that grandiose visions and good intentions are less of a driving force for me than necessity. But careful selection of the thing I require for survival, can delight me just as much as indulgence in oddities and curiosities.

Case in point ...this beautiful hand twisted clothesline, unearthed from the depths of a bin in a hispanic dollar store in echo park. Ninety nine cents of crafty, thrifty, homey, cutesy, sunshiny, usefulness and so much more pleasing, and less expensive than a standard nylon cord. The soiling of my favorite sweater was the final straw that brought this clothesline dream out of the box and into reality, there is nothing like necessity to inspire action.

Hand washing my favorite clothes remind me to take care and pay close attention to the things, (and people) that I love.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love folk drawings, the homier the better, but when it comes to myself, I feel like I need to be some sort of da Vinci, before I set ink to paper. It's my ego getting in the way, just let it go and let the silly, awkward, quirky view spill out.

thanks dad for your help, it feels good to pay you back. and here it is my new home!

Little House

My mother nick-named the farm house where I was born, in rural Maryland tobacco country "Little House on the Patuxent" and I'm sure Laura Ingles would have approved. A tiny tenant farmer shack with three rooms and a wood stove for heat, rented by my parents for fifty dollars a month, (including use of the the barn and fenced fields!!!) Sigh, I long for the days when bohemian visionaries could score a spot for a song, spacious in land, character, and creative potential, if not in rooms.

My Mother lovingly recorded it all for me, through the filter of her own vision and simple folk artistry, recording the substance of childhood memory with more accuracy than any photograph. This hand drawn fabric book, made to teach me the names of household furnishings, is now a touchstone with my past, and my folks so radiant and full of life. So excited to create there own beautiful utopia, chalk full of home-made style, and bohemian flair.

Man, was I a lucky kid!

This is what I've learned...

Any home worth it salt must have:

hardwood flors
claw foot tubs
thrifty antique furniture
big trees
A good home is better with:
big porches
fire places, or wood stoves
streams, ferns and mosses
lady slippers in the woods,
hikeing trails
wood shingles
wooden beams
big barns
big fields
a chicken coop
ponies and chickens,
gingerbread on the porch beams
an old weathered boat and a dogwood tree in the front yard,
a tepee sweat lodge and rainbow school buss,
a hand painted swing set
and family
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