Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unexpected Beauty

I’ve never been one for fussy beauty products. Still, I was surprised, even doubtful,People actually use baking soda and vinegar to wash their hair? I imagine dull greasy locks, smelling distinctly of salad dressing. But after some research I was intrigued. For years, I have mixed my own home cleaning products using the same ingredients. So, I figure, it can't hurt to try?

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Here's the result of the experiment: A mixture of baking soda in warm water, massaged into the roots of my hair cleared away oil better than shampoo. As it turns out, baking soda's pH is mildly alkaline, so it reacts and dissolves the fatty acids that form on the scalp and skin. It was so effective in clearing oil from my hair that I'd be nervous to use it again for fear of stripping away too much.

Then, I soaked my hair in apple cider vinegar. Strange as it seems, vinegar's pH level is the same as human hair slightly acidic. My hair was left smooth and shiny and when it was dry...surprise, no vinegar smell. I may be tempted to try this one again.

But my favorite Natural beauty trick is coconut oil, I use this all the time. Mix it with a little solid perfume on your fingers, work it into the ends of your hair or onto your comb. Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of medium chain fatty acids, the same substance as your skins natural oils. It's hands down my favorite moisturizer.

The little pinch pots: Susan Ridenour.

The vintage brass hair clip made from vintage jewelry findings.

The little cloisonné tins of solid perfume were found at Follow Your Heart.

Art deco table runner is an example of decorative darning embroidery.


Anonymous said...

I'm stunned.... Who would ever think of washing your hair with vinegar and baking soda?! Your post is remarkable for it's inquisitiveness, research, experimentation, analysis. Makes me want to try it.

I can picture this article in a magazine. Your artful creations and their photographs really live up to the name of Earthy Delights. Reading this is a delight!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if your hair would smell of vinegar if you got caught out in a rain? This happens when you set your hair with beer!

Angela said...

oooh,i am very intrigued by this! will have to try asap. i'm glad you shared this!

penelope said...

oh~you've really made me curious! i'm in texas and our old house pipes are frozen. as soon as i have water again, i'm going to try this.

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