Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween: Bride vs. Indian

Every Monday in October we celebrated Halloween at the resort, much to the delight of our largely European guests. Pumpkin carving, trick-or-treat (with a big box of dress-ups I put together for children who didn't have a costume) a haunted house and Halloween circus show, the complete American holiday. I dressed as a ghost and performed a hoop act in the circus show, I’m a little shy, but if you promise not to laugh you can see it here. I'm back in Maryland now, so I spent the day poking through old photos. Here are some highlights of Halloween past. An eternal question emerged... who would be the blushing bride and who would be the wild indian...

Baby Amy wearing my outgrown halloween costume, mama made this by hand

Bride and Indian strike again!

My mother lovingly sewed the whole family indian costumes, hand beading and fringing each piece. They are a staple of Halloween in the Merrick house to this day. The gown above was originally intended to be my mothers wedding dress. In the end she opted to wear a simple Gunnysack (much more her style) and the fancy dress was reassigned to the dress up box.

later mom crafted this magnificent horse to snaz up the old costume

This time I'm wearing my fathers indian shirt as a dress.
Later my mother crafted this amazing horse to snaz up the old costume.
It makes me laugh to think that Amy and I can still be found dressing up brides and playing hunter-gatherer for wild berries and branches in the woods...

1 comment:

mom said...

Hey Mich... I miss you already!

Ahhh... the ghosts of Halloween's past in ponderous photo's. Somehow it never occurred to me... the tag team Indian and Bride costumes. There is no doubt why you are a costume designer today!

Hope you both, Bride and Indian, have a blast in Florida!

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