Friday, August 22, 2008

Clothes-line Curtains

Tired of the haphazard random rectangle tacked to my window, I decided it was time for some more intentional window coverings in my bedroom. On a recient trip home, I sewed darling cottage curtains for my mother's kitchen, so I figured I could do better for my self. My room is so small, I hate to close off the window and it's lovely view of the Birch tree outside, but it faces south and exposes my un-air-condoned bedroom to a sweltering amount of sun. The window needed something, but what?

I hung a brass bar from hooks inside the window frame and played around with some yardage, trying to imagine what could possibly tie together the contemporary window with the bohemian esthetic of my belongings. Nothing was inspiring me, any color I tried closed in the room and brought too much attention to it's self. The curtains would be white, to blend with the wall, that much I could settle on.

Frustrated, I cursed my room for all it's perceived faults. Then I took a beep breath, and decided to come at the problem from a different angle. What makes me happy? I asked my self... Unique, simple, resourceful, creative solutions. Few sights give me a sense of simple joy like my hand bleached whites sun drying on the clothesline. That was it! I already had all these sweet little vintage undergarments just collecting dust, so I freed them from the suitcase and hung them up in there frilly white glory!


Amber returns, undaunted! said...

This is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic idea!

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