Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orchid Love

I received a stem of eight tiny orchid blooms, for my eighth birthday. I still remember the feeling of reverence....

delighted to receive such a unique and "grown up" gift, brought all the way from the reforests of South America by my grandmothers boyfriend, curator of the Smithsonian institutes's orchid collection.

Rising above heap of forgotten plastic toys and clothes, the by-products of childhood birthday parties, those intricate little flowers were unforgetable.

Imagine my surprise... By some magic or coincidence, Twenty years later I receive for my 28th Birthday an Orchid plant with exactly twenty eight blooms!

a million thankyous to Heidi for (knowing this story somewhere in the back of her mind and) subconsciously pulling out the perfect gift!

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La La Loggins said...

Orchids are one of my favorite flowers! My other favorites are Daisies and Lilacs. Heidi is a wonderful friend to remember your story AND get you some beautiful YELLOW orchids, one for each year you've been on this earth:)

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