Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Living far from home, my rag tag band of California pilgrims came together to celebrate our second annual thanksgiving in Venice. It hard to believe it has been almost two years since I landed on the plimoth rock known as Venice Beach where so many east cost strays have come in search of freedom.

Bright and early Heidi and headed for the hills, collecting autumnal flowers, marveling at the strange grace of nature to create such an infinity of fascinating life forms, growing wild, so often overlooked as weeds. We hiked along old Topanga road working up an appetite for the feast to come and created little bouquets as we took in all the beauty.

Then came the cooking. Heidi made a delicious butternut squash soup, real mac and cheese, and an amassing pumpkin and ginger pie. I took responsibility for the stuffing (with all my favorite ingredients fresh sage, mushrooms, carrots, celery, apple and onion,) brussel sprouts, and the mashed potatoes (my secret recipe, garlic, herb and mashed apple for a hint of sweetness.) Nick's turkey took the prize for the best I’ve ever eaten, not surprising since he grew up on a turkey farm. Dinner was attended by eight of our beloved friend family, and for their amusement and to prove our eternal dorkieness, we dressed up as pilgrim and indian .

The following morning we piled the car to the brim with leftovers, worm clothes and the tools of our respective trades and drove to Lake Arrowhead for three days of quiet focus in front of the fire place. The cabin was a quaint bohemian place, the perfect local for Heidi to write her script and I to sew to my little hearts content.
My sewing sprawled out in front of a glowing fire, how am I so lucky!

I want my own uneven cabin floor to paint. These folks must have lost there straight edge
eclectic touches, and house plants, I felt right at home.

I'm so grateful for my creative friends. There is so much to be learned from the struggles and triumphs of a soul on a mirrored path to your own, different disciplines but similar processes.


heidi hough said...


chelsea rose said...

looks like one of the most lovely thanksgivings you could have asked for!

p.s. may i borrow to apple secret?

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