Thursday, March 3, 2011


There are few things in life that make me happier than creating a cozy nest, so these past two months have been a true luxury.

Mama and I wove this egg basket together on her birthday this past January.

Amy and I designed this two part stencel.
I drew and cut the shapes. Amy picked and mixed the tonal colors.
We tag-teamed the paint job.

All the Merrick women had a hand in designing these curtains for the living room. I was lucky to have the time to work out the pattern and sew up the final product.


Mom was so happy with her curtains that I put together a variation on the same theme for the dining room.


Eleni said...

Oh me too, I am SUCH a nester! You have such a brilliant creative family :)

Anonymous said...

The curtain lace is exquisite.
The handmade birthday basket is adorable. (What a fun project!)
Designing and cutting your own stencil.. You're amazingly talented!

mamamerrick said...

What a surprise to open up your blog and see my life. The curtains look as beautiful in real life as they do in your photos. My favorite thing to do in life these days is to curl up on my cozy couch and mediate long and lovingly at your curtains and stencils. I'm the luckiest lady alive. Thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

I love the light through the lace. VERY PRETTY!

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