Sunday, March 6, 2011

living on location

I’m settling in nicely to my new location. My sewing studio is arranged and costume production is underway. There is a lot of work to be done, but living on a country club resort is a good incentive for proper time management. Yes indeed, I think the next three months will be just fine.


I sit on the end of the marina, my back against wooden pilings. The sun warms my skin, through a haze of clouds overhead. I am surrounded by lapping, splashing drips of water against the hull of boats in the harbor and the percussive cling clang of metal pulleys on tall masts. Although the breeze is gentle, a whirling whistle can be heard between the boats. Such is the melody of the marina. Blue paint, weathered wood, white canvas and reflected shimmers of light on the water. I’m happy to find that my wifi works here. It’s such a peaceful spot, a place to recharge my spirit.


mamamerrick said...

Wow... I haven't checked your blog for a while cuz i didn't think you'd be posting. What a overwhelming surprise to see so many wonderful photo's all the way to Florida. I can hear the harbor, smell the warm sand. Ohh to be right there with you. RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

Your post was very picturesque, in word and image. You make me feel like we're there on the dock watching the sun set.

Thanks for sharing The Good Life with us!

enid and edgar said...

Oh! What a wonderful place to be inspired! Please keep sharing!

Your friends on the left coast

Emerson Merrick said...

Yay, what a great surprise! Wireless dockside internet? I could go for some of that right about now.

Anonymous said...


We're soon to hang out with you at this very favorite spot.

Let the count down of days begin!

Anonymous said...

How's the music of the ship masts now? More endearing like a call to prayer?

Miss hearing from you.

mamamerrick said...

Seeing you in Florida was so rewarding. There you were in a tropical sarong passing out pinapples.... looking like a post card or an ad to come enjoy The Good Life.

You, as beautiful as the beach. As welcoming as the warmth. As comfortable to be with as the lounge chair overlooking the water. As relaxing as the hot tub.

Just thinking about our time together... makes my heart shine with maternal happiness!

toofanzboo said...

wow.... don't know what's more poetic.. the words or the pictures... what's up with the manatees???
Still.. I close my eyes... try to relax... what do I see???
Banyan trees... very nice spot

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