Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hamleau de la Reine

The Queen's Hamlet on the grouds of the Petit Trianon, at the palace of Versailles









It must be nice to have your own little weekend palace, on the grounds of your royal palace, and if your weekend palace starts to feel too stuffy, just build a farmhouse in an imaginary Swiss hamlet in your back yard, so you can feel like your faraway in your own magic kingdom fairytale.

I can't blame Marie Antoinette... I want to live here too.


eef said...

omg, so beautiful! i went to versailles but never saw this... now i am truly disappointed!

i did pinterest the heck out of this, do you mind?

Anonymous said...

Marie could have kept her pretty neck intact... if only she had invited the starving revolutionaries to eat bread in this magical wonderland.

I don't believe i have EVER seen more adorable dwellings.

enid and edgar said...

Lovely:) There is a couple here in silverlake who is planning on wandering about the French countryside. Dragging two little ones around finding wonderful old clothing and run down farms to take photos.

If only we had a faerie princess, who plays the dulcimer, fire dances, and walks through downtown in beautiful evening gowns to do such a thing with.

If you know anyone like that let us know!!

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