Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paris at last!


All employees of the international resort where I worked (as a costume designer and performer for the better part of last year) are required to wear a name badge. This badge details with little flags your country of origin and the languages you speak... my tag shamfuly displayed four little American flags. You can imagine the teasing I had to endure as I would sit down to dine with well traveled Parisian guests... "And what do you think of Paris?" they would ask. "Oh you've never been? never been to Europe?? An American girl who speaks only English and had never been to Europe... How typical." No matter that I've visited thirty seven of the US states, five provinces of Canada and twice traveled to Central America, this did nothing to ease my feelings of worldly inadequacy. A trip to Europe seamed to be an important rite of passage that I somehow missed along the way. Everyone had a good laugh, including me (and I silently vowed to correct this situation as soon as possible.)




So now it's done! I've been to Europe, on the first of what I hope will be many adventures.
and I can answer when asked that "Paris is unmatched in it's graceful refinement and delicate beauty" Just what the french want to hear... and also very true.


Eleni said...

Hey, don't feel bad, I've only ever spent two days in Paris, despite the fact that to you Americans (with your HUGE country!) it must look like a very short journey from England :)

Looks like you two had an awesome time

kat said...

Next time you have a chance to travel, I highly suggest Budapest. I think you would love the traditional Hungarian folk costumes, the amazing markets, and the beautiful mish-mash of art nouveau and communist architecture. On top of that, the currency (forint) is at an exchange rate of 2.4 to 1 dollar, so it's very cost effective!

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