Saturday, October 30, 2010

Día de los Muertos






Today I was feeling a bit under the weather most likely because it's getting so cold. Life in the tropics, following four years of California sun, has softened me to the point where 40 degrees can feel like 40 below. But to my surprise I received a heart warming package from my dear friend, Caesareo Ruiz, in Los Angeles, wishing me a "pleasant 31st and 2nd" Halloween and The Day of the Dead.

The package consisted of a tiny book... sewn by hand with various papers repurposed from brown paper bags, tag board, legal pads, sketch books and the like... featuring his exquisite, otherworldly illustrations and eerie vintage photos printed on wax paper. The book even featured a built in envelope that contained a moody mix cd of Mexican folk music and more modern tunes. So I lit some candles, played the soundtrack and thumbed through the pages of his imagination.


Micha Merrick said...
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Eleni said...

Wow, jealous, I want one too! What lovely crafty friends you have :)

Anonymous said...

What a clever, artistic and thoughtful friend you have.

The drawings are enchanting and the use of materials inspire me want to try that.... to give someone the delight that you received. If only i could draw like that!

The light in your photos is so striking, mysterious and illuminating. Love the contrast and glow. WOW!

Milla said...

Hi. I just found your blog though Enid and Edgar, and I gotta say: What an interesting life to peruse. I hope you keep posting. Wonderful fall nights and winter days,

the wandering writer said...

What an incredibly beautiful and vibrant world you live in, Micha. Every time I read your blog, I take a bit of your serenity and color with me. Can't wait for posts on your excursion to the Old World with the magnificent Amy!

Natalie xx

Micha Merrick said...

awe... thanks, you are too sweet.

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