Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall... in love

The witchy winds, flying leaves, and bare limbs make me long to dance bare foot in dry grass, wild hair, billowing fabric flowing.

"There is almost nothing that has such a keen sense of fun as a fallen leaf"

What blushing fairy girl would not fall in love with the Autumn trees, ragged wings of red and brown flying in the wind.

Arthur Rackham


Eleni said...

Wow, these are amazing!

Have you seen

It's a blog dedictaed to astonishing book illustrations, I lose HOURS there :)

Emerson Merrick said...


Micha Merrick said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I checked it out, very intriguing.

Anonymous said...

Love the description of fall and the witchy winds dancing. The illustration perfectly matches the fairy in us all...the joy of fall!

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